AR/MR Apps, Lenses & Campaigns

Catchar’s directory presents hundreds of different Augmented and Mixed Reality projects and experiences. Find the best ones, learn more and finally download them to your device or simply use online. Don’t forget to rate them and share your feedback. If you are a creator of AR/MR projects, feel free to submit them to Catchar 😉

Snapchat Lenses and Experiences

By using Catchar you can discover thousands of the best Augmented Reality experiences made by official Lens Studio creators and Snapchat lens creative partners. Some lenses reach millions of impressions, captures and shares. Here you can also find and discover lots of branded AR experiences and campaigns for CPG (food and drinks) that were made for well-known brands and companies (e.g. Coca-Cola, Taco Bell, Snickers, etc.). All lenses that are presented on Catchar are free to download and use. If you are a Snapchat lens creator, sign up today on Catchar to share and organize your AR portfolio, collaborate with other creators and get hired by brands and businesses.

Effects for Instagram, Facebook and Messenger

In the last few years, Spark AR creators deliver immersive Augmented Reality effects that are compatible with Instagram, Facebook and Messenger apps. These types of AR effects provide the ability to transform and augment people’s faces, overlay buildings and attractions with digital content and information, visualize 3D objects and discover them in real-world surroundings. Users of the Catchar community and hub are able to find, search and download all types of AR experiences that were released in the Spark AR studio. All of them are sorted by category, date and rating.

AR apps for iOS made with ARKit

Apple has a strong vision and plans in terms of Augmented and Mixed Reality domains. Release of ARKit SDK, the latest camera update, and the introduction of LiDAR Scanner are the proof of that. Our community are also on the same page with Apple inc. Today, by using Catchar you can discover plenty of the best AR apps and projects that deliver a whole new user experience in different niches, such as games, education, furnishing, architecture and healthcare. You can visit project profiles, discover screenshots and descriptions, learn more about how to use them and finally download liked projects to your iPad or iPhone. Don’t forget to leave a review if you liked your Augmented Reality experience to support those AR creators.

AR apps for Android made with ARCore

Google also doesn’t want to lose momentum in being part of the Augmented and Mixed Reality revolution. The company has opened lots of new opportunities for AR developers after realizing ARCore SDK. Moreover, the company often introduces new features, such as Depth API, SLAM, object tracking and target image recognition. All these features provide the ability to develop immersive AR apps and experiences that you can discover and download on our website. Catchar presents ARKit apps in more than 8 different categories, such as utilities, entertainment, games, e-commerce and more. In addition, here you can find and hire professional ARCore developers who can build and deliver the next app for you.

HoloLens Mixed Reality apps

Catchar also presents lots of Mixed Reality apps and projects for the Microsoft HoloLens headset. Users are able to learn more about the best apps on our website and download them from the Microsoft Store by simply scanning QR codes that we also generate on the Catchar website. HoloLens is probably the leader in Mixed Reality solutions for manufacturing and enterprise needs. Besides, HoloLens combines 3D content, coordination, collaboration, and project management processes.

WebAR projects on Catchar

WebAR provides a totally new experience for discovering Augmented Reality content directly in your browser. NO app needed! If you are looking for examples of this most perspective AR technology, Catchar is the right place. Here you can find and try quizzes, branded campaigns and other experiences that were built based on WebAR technology.

Discover Vuforia projects

Vuforia PTC is a pioneer in the Augmented and Mixed Reality industries. The company provides a wide range of services and solutions, such as object tracking, SLAM, image recognition, AR mapping and more. In cooperation with Microsoft HoloLens, together companies deliver high-end Mixed Reality solutions for enterprises. By using Catchar, AR/MR creators, studios and companies share their AR projects. Our users are able to find, download and discover different AR apps, experiences and projects built with Vuforia.

Magic Leap Mixed Reality apps

Magic Leap has created a revolution in the Mixed Reality industry. The company has raised more than $1B from the largest funds, such as Google, Alibaba Group, JP Morgan Chase, etc. In 2018 the company introduced its first spatial computer (headset) named Magic Leap One. Our community presents many AR apps compatible with Magic Leap, here are some of them: NBA AR, Spotify, Helio, etc. Join Catchar today to be up to date with the latest and top apps for Magic Leap headset.

AR projects built with Wikitude

Hundreds of Wikitude AR projects are available on Catchar to download and try. Discover the use cases and get inspired here to develop your next app or project by using the Wikitude SDK or Studio Editor.

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