Zodiac Future Guesser

Zodiac Future Guesser Live

Let the lens predict your future based on the Zodiac! A project that shows that even a simple lens like that can get viral if the theme is popular.

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Zodiac Future
・Random Image Lens
・Gives the user a random "prediction" based on the ??????.

How long did it take?
・Around 5~6 hours, and most of the time was spent on polishing the graphical content on the lens.

Was is success?
・Definitely! The lens ended up reaching 4 million plays within the first couple of days and it's still on the Lens Explorer page!

What was the key?
・I would say that the key to making a viral lens is choosing the right theme for it! A trending topic and a high-quality lens make a viral lens when mixed up!

・Quality: ?/?? ★
・Originality ?/?? ★
・Virality ?/?? ★
・Overall ?/?? ★

How to Use it

Open your mouth: To draw a random prediction!
After you've opened your mouth once, tap again: To start randomizing again!

Target Images

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