Zero Gravity

Editorial choice Zero Gravity Live

An example of a simple, but precious and luxurious thing thatโ€™s more an artwork, than just a filter, based on elegant fluid technology.

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Smoothly flying water bubbles, merging, and splitting in real-time are unattainable with regular Spark AR capabilities. 
Interactivity and randomness make it even more stunning. Size, count, and shape are different every time you use the effect. Bubbles react and merging as you move, which is impossible to achieve with baked animations.

How does it work? All bubbles and their behavior is a pure mathematical abstraction. There is not a single 3D object here, only an illusion, which is calculated and rendered by about 500 lines of GLSL code.

This technology allows work beyond the standard capabilities of Spark AR. Creating shapes from simple and smooth to infinite fractals with real-time shadows and reflections is possible and takes visuals to a completely new level.

How to Use it

You can use it both on front and back cameras. Try to shake and rotate your head and see how bubbles are merging and splitting again, following your moves. On the back camera, point it to a flat surface and see how it distorts the space around.

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