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Extinction Rebellion

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This effect uses the Extinction Rebellion symbol as a portal into the despoliation of earth and extinction of humans, all that the rebellion is fighting to prevent. I hope people use it to show support for the cause and raise awareness of the urgent need for change in order to address the climate crisis. Upon opening the effect, the viewer sees themselves with the symbol over the face and a beautiful green landscape behind, as if they are floating over earth. Instructions will direct the viewer to tap the screen to continue, after which the person fades away into a skull and the backdrop becomes a barren landscape. The Extinction Symbol was created by London artist ESP in 2011. In order to spread the message as widely as possible, the use of this symbol is encouraged freely in any location for non-commercial purposes.

How to Use it

Click on 'CHECK IT OUT ON THE WEB' button. Then scan the QR code from your screen, or open the link from your phone, to activate the AR filter or lens. You need to have the Instagram app to use this AR lens.

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