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We want to focus your attention on Snaplens designed for fans of Japanese comics. Akash Rajendra is the creator of this Snapchat AR effect. The main intrigue is which of the comic book's heroes about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure you will find yourself today.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a manga series. For those who don't know, the manga is Japanese comics. In Japan, almost all people of different ages read mangas. These books you can find in broad genres and a wide variety of topics, like adventure, romance, sports, history, humor, science fiction, horror, erotica, business and others.

But today, we are talking about a manga, consisting of eight parts, where the events unfold around the adventures of Jonathan Joestar and his descendants. Each piece presents the reader with a separate story and a new hero capable of using supernatural powers in battle.

By activating the effect above your head, the comic heroes will appear, which will change in no particular order. Who you turn out to be is unpredictable. The filter will pick up the hero itself. All you need to do is activate the effect, press play and wait.

Wondering which JoJo is your hero? Then try this effect now. Go ahead, try now.

How to Use it

If you are using Catchar from the laptop or desktop, you have to click on the "UNLOCK THIS AR LENS" button. Then, a QR code will open and you can scan it by pointing your smartphone at the screen. Note that the newest OS phone versions allow scanning QR codes with default camera. Once you scan it, the Snapchat app will open with an unlocked AR effect. You need to have the Snapchat app installed.

If you are using a smartphone, you have to click on the "UNLOCK THIS AR LENS" button and then you will be automatically redirected to Snapchat website with unlocked AR effect. You need to have the Snapchat app installed.

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