For the first time ever characters from the notebook cover come to life! They make you laugh or even scare you a little.

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Notebooks series "Dinosaurs"
The ferocious prehistoric dinosaur "jumps out" literally from the cover of the notebook and becomes alive. Using the buttons you can destroy the 3D word "Raptor" and also take a photo with a terrifying dinosaur!

Notebooks series "Birds"
An amazing 4D scene of a fairy forest unfolds before you! An animated owl making typical sounds can fly through a fairytale forest. By taps on the screen or clicking on the application’s buttons you can place this amazing bird on any tree, stump or ax. Navigate the owl through the forest!

Notebooks series "Jewels"
You can try on real jewels and see how they shine on your hand. Take a photo and share it with your friends! With the technology of the augmented reality the dream of every child to be in a fairy tale come true!

Notebooks series "Football"
Imagine you are surrounded by the sounds of the stands at a football stadium. Using screen swipe hit the ball and score a goal! Earn magic points and share your results with friends!

Notebooks series "Animals"
Animated dog "comes to life" directly from the cover of the notebook. This little dog not just barks, but also drinks water and goes to the toilet with pleasure. Press the buttons to control its emotions - this is real fun!

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