VISIONARIES 777 - Concept Car

VISIONARIES 777 - Concept Car Concept

Visionaries 777 brings its vision of the future to life with a full-electric autonomous concept vehicle.

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A spacious and functional modular space that adapts to different use cases due to its compact electric chassis powered by hub motors.

1. In manual drive mode, the steering wheel and pedals are available and can adapt to left or right-side driver.

2. In Autonomous mode the steering wheel retracts and slide in the front compartment of the car. A wide dashboard touch display arises with navigation and entertainment features.

3. In Communication mode, the rear seats folds in and retract in a compartment under the trunk. The front middle console slides back and combines with the rear middle console allowing front seats to rotate and slide in order face each other for conformable discussion.
4. A privacy mode is available via a touchscreen on the interior door panels allowing to electrically tint all windows to a desired transparency. From completely clear to semi-tinted to fully opaque.

The Future is now!

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