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This is a story of a little girl who takes the user on a journey of the side effects of climate change. This 2 minute story line is represented using Augmented Reality (AR) Portal technology. The journey starts off with the user entering (portal) a room and being welcomed by the little girl. This girl is excited to show the user around and involves the user to watch a documentary on penguins with her. This is followed by a quiz on the melting icebergs (aim: interact with the user). Once the user answers the question, there is a disaster that takes place. Massive storms take over the house destroying most of it and the girl is very scared which makes her hide in the back of the house. A green symbol is displayed on the screen for the user and after he/she taps on it, the situation is under control. The scared girl vents out her fear and moves to drink a glass of water. Simultaneously a quiz appears asking the user a fact about storms. Once the question is answered there is another catastrophe that takes place; massive floods. The heavy rains start filling up the house and outside. Loud lightning and pouring clouds cause the place to fill up, piercing through the walls. This creates a very intense situation making the girl cry out for help to the user. Similar to previous scenario there is a green symbol after which the situation is under control. Moving on, the child takes the user to a wall on the quieter side of the living room, on which a virtual map hangs. If the user interacts with the map, it changes. The familiar image of the world becomes a threatening one. The water levels rise on the map, and at the same time the land mass starts to burn. Simultaneously, there is breaking news on the screen with an alarm for forest fires. The house starts to heat up and there is smog visible everywhere. However, before the situation gets any worse the girl looks at the user and expresses her emotion. While the user hears her out as notices the situation getting worse, a green symbol appears again. Once the user taps on that, the situation is back to the initial condition. The user has experienced several natural calamities and understood the consequences. Lastly, there is a text layover β€œViessmann products reduce 5000 Tons of CO2 per year.” A to know more button shows up that takes the user to the Viessmann website with a range of Viessmann products that can help protect the planet.

We plan to release this application globally in order to create awareness about climate change and communicate the Viessmann solutions for this issue.

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