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Tinkoff Bank Junior educational AR game about financial literacy

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This educational game was made for Tinkoff Bank. Specifically for the Junior cards line that lets children pay by debit card and keep parents informed about child purchases. This game starts with image tracking and the kid can use any card design to start it. The game field covers a square of water with a few islands and one boat controlled by the player via answering questions about financial literacy. If the player's answers are right then the boat goes to another point until the finish. This game also tells about the capabilities of Junior cards through this journey.

Our AR game can be activated on 5 different Junior series cards and UX is designed to be understood by the child. This project let us add a lot of educational and visual content to a small Instagram effect. It was a big challenge for us.

Especially we proud for our water design, calculated by maths and algorithms. By that, we avoid all collision bugs and visual errors. This project has a lot of layers with 3D models, sound effects, and physics that changes at every stage of the game.

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