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Remote help when and where you need it using AR

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Using this application you can receive immediate assistance for your devices that need it. It is super-useful when dealing with unexpected problems that need to be solved right now.

With this application you can:
✓ Not only talk about the problem but also show it to a specialist without going to another side of town. That increases productivity and speed of fast problem-solving;
✓ Receive the support of your specialist when it is comfortable for both of you, not just for him;
✓ Your experts can use 3D markers that stick to real objects to explain better the problem and its solution;
✓ Also, the application can be used to make classes or some demonstrations for your colleagues or clients showing the screen of the device and explaining everything with a visible example.

Key features:
1. Remote camera sharing and real-time video streaming;
2. HD VoIP;
2. 3D markers that can be stuck to real objects;
3. Highest security standards: 256 Bit AES session encoding, 2048 Bit RSA key exchange;
And much more options.

TeamViewer Pilot is the best option for technicians who work remotely and also for customers who need fast and efficient help.

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