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Join the next generation of augmented reality 3d social messaging app and merge your imagination with reality.

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Your look-alike Avatar “TaDa” are the new emojis! Create your TaDa, Select a mood, Dub your voice and pop into the real world. Try TaDa Time now!

The new era of Social messenger redefines how you communicate. Let your creativity change the way you communicate in the real world.

TaDa Time lets you chat with anyone anywhere using your own personalised 3D Avatar (TaDa). Just one selfie and a TaDa is generated to look just like you. It allows you to personalise your TaDa’s hair, clothing and even accessories so you can feel even more connected with your mini-you. Once your TaDa is looks perfect, you’re ready to use the unique and exciting part of the app, the AR features.

There are numerous animations (moves) for your TaDa to perform! Want to walk like a zombie? Salsa? Swim? We’ve got those and many more. Once you have your moves, you can bring them in your world. Is it magic? No, it’s TaDa! All of a sudden your TaDa is zombie walking towards a cup of coffee or swimming in your soup. Not only are you able to put your TaDa into your world, you can even record your own voice or audio. Make your best zombie groan impression! Sing Happy Birthday to your friends on the top of a cake! All is possible.

We did mention that TaDa Time is a chatting app, right? You can send these videos to your friends and family privately, or put your hilarious creation out there for the public to see, in the Augmented Reality Feed. Anyone can like and comment on those public animations, which will make you feel popular. You can even reuse others’ creative moves, audio and attire, with the rebound button.

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