Taco Bell Sponsored Lens

Taco Bell Sponsored Lens Ended

Taco Bell partnered with Snapchat to bring the perfect gift to Snapchatters for Cinco de Mayo 2016.

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The Story

Taco Bell and Snapchat have always been close collaborators, and their latest partnership involved a Sponsored National Lens created for Cinco de Mayo. Once activated, the Lens transformed Snapchatters into a giant Crunchy Taco Supreme — complete with a drizzle of “Diablo Sauce” and the brand’s iconic “bell” sound.
On average, Snapchatters spent 24 seconds with the Lens, generating nearly 12.5 years’ worth of play in a single day. Not only did Snapchatters interact with the Lens, but they also sent it widely to their friends. Together, Taco Bell and Snapchat made history, garnering 224 million views for the campaign — the most for any Snapchat Lens to date.


• Reach Snapchatters on Cinco de Mayo with a fun, humorous, and highly engaging creative execution.
• Drive awareness for the return of Taco Bell’s “Diablo Sauce.”


• Develop a Sponsored National Lens that turns Snapchatters into Taco Bell's most iconic product.
• Incorporate a blend of both audio and visual branding elements connected to key actions of the experience.


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