Skid-steer Loader with Remote Control

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Augmented Reality application to evaluate functionalities of skid-steer loader with remote control

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Before starting the project, the team was tasked with developing an AR application to demonstrate special equipment produced by the Kurgandormash plant. One of their use cases is the demonstration of existing models of equipment at exhibitions and presentations to potential customers of the plant.
We solved this problem by creating the Termit 1000 loader in augmented reality.

With the help of the app you will be able:

  • View the model in the Skid-steer Loader in Augmented Reality;
  • Control the lighting;
  • Control the boom and bucket of the Skid-steer Loader;
  • Drive a Skid-steer Loader;
  • Get into the Skid-steer Loader's cab and examine the dashboard.

We made the model as detailed as possible, so that the target audience of the manufacturer could evaluate the equipment in the smallest detail.
Now the company optimizes costs by delivering special equipment to exhibitions and presentations to customers β€” now it fits in your pocket.

In the future plans of the project development-the addition of a full catalog of special equipment, distribution of maintenance and explosion diagrams.

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