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Activate 'Eye of Insight' and 'Eye of Hypnosis' skills using this Snaplens

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Sharingan is a well-known ability in anime. It activates additional skills, like ""Eye of Insight"" and ""Eye of Hypnosis".

"Eye of Insight"

Using this filter, users can examine the chakra and, based on its color, can determine its structure and source. Even though in this respect, the Sharingan is inferior to the Byakugan, he can see chakra through particular obstacles and also by analyzing its flow to determine violations in it, for example, those produced by the impact of Genjutsu.

The user gains unbelievable momentum and precision, allowing them to lip-read or copy something like a pencil's movement. Sasuke Uchiha's Sharingan could understand things even at the cellular level. During the battle, this allows them to see moving objects. When the third tomoe awakens in the Sharingan, they gain the ability to predict many of the enemy's actions. They can block the enemy's next move through the smallest muscle tension and move correspondingly to dodge or stop an attack.

Users can copy virtually any Jutsu he has seen, memorizing any technique from the field of ninjutsu, genjutsu or taijutsu, with almost perfect accuracy. The owner of such eyes is able to repeat the technique and even improve it, adjusting it to his needs and thereby creating his own - this can be seen in the example of Sasuke Uchiha when he uses his Lion Combo based on the Primal Lotus of Doom Lee.

"Eye of Hypnosis"

The user is able to use what is generally named Genjutsu: Sharingan. While this skill has many forms and designs, the most famous is to influence the target's cares via eye communication, thereby forcing them to reveal the necessary data or act in the right way, most often unconsciously for the purpose itself. In exceptional cases, the Sharingan owner can completely subjugate the victim's body, making her do what the user wants; this control is determined visually as the Sharingan pattern appears in the target's eyes as well.

The Uchiha are notorious for making this ability to control the Nine-Tails. In fact, infiltrate the Tailed Beast's or its jinchūriki's subconscious to manage the beast's chakra extra correctly. Many goals can be done under control in this way, although the more the user's attention is divided, the easier it is for goals to resist control.

If the skill as such has not been unraveled, it may seem that the owner of the Sharingan can ""predict the future." The user must ideally copy every movement of the enemy. Then he presents these actions to the opponent; it includes, for example, hand ties for a technique that the player and the owner of the Sharingan know and copies. If everything goes well, the user can perform these actions even before the enemy himself, if possible, using the Sharingan Genjutsu to hide or delay him.

You can activate the same abilities using the Snapchat app and this filter. Thanks to jp pirie, now everyone can be a hero with his free Snaplens.

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