Santa & Friends

Santa & Friends Live

Live Christmas with Santa and his friends. Give us your best smile and discover the magic of the snowball. Take a selfie, smile and live Christmas Mcdonald's

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This filter was designed for McDonald's Guatemala during the holiday season. Using elements of the campaign and integrating them into actions in both cameras of the smartphone.

Selfie Camera:
Santa's friends act with a smile and disappear when they are serious.

Back camera: an AR of a snow sphere was integrated in which the characters of the campaign live, and when tapping on the sphere, it transports the user into the sphere so that he can explore that little world.
(google translate XD)
* All brands and characters are owned by McDonald's Guatemala.

How to Use it

Just click on 'CHECK IT OUT ON THE WEB' button. Then scan QR core from your screen or open the link to activate AR filter or lens . You need to have Instagram app to use this AR lens. 

Front camera: just smile
Back camera: tapping the sphere for enter and double tap to exit.

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