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To celebrate the launch of the Galaxy Note20 & Note20 Ultra devices we were asked to develop a Facebook AR experience that showcases the device features.

The main challenges we faced during development were: creating the models as low poly as possible while maintaining a high level of detail, fighting the Mb limit, adding fluent vfx with high frame rate within that limit, and avoiding the infamous instructions & static text policy.

We started off by recreating the Samsung models and try to make them as realistic as possible in the AR environment. It was important to capture the matte metallic effect of the device, while maintaining all of the details. We later added all of the animations (done in Maya) and image sequences to really make the device come alive.

For the background we tried to recreate the atmosphere of the official launch campaign footage by adding an amorphous metallic background to support the current state the filter is in. Special thanks to Yegor Ryabtsov for working your magic on this!

How to Use it

If you are using Catchar from the laptop or desktop, you have to click on the "UNLOCK THIS AR EFFECT" button. Then, a QR code will open and you can scan it by pointing your smartphone at the screen. Note that the newest OS phone versions allow scanning QR codes with default camera. Once you scan it, the Instagram app will open with an unlocked AR effect. You need to have the Instagram app installed.

If you are using a smartphone, you have to click on the "UNLOCK THIS AR EFFECT" button and then you will be automatically redirected to Instagram website with unlocked AR effect. You need to have the Instagram app installed.

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