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This Snaplens solution works perfectly for wristwatch brands

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This Snapchat-based AR lens works perfectly for wristwatch brands. By using it, your customer can try on watches directly on their wrists in Augmented Reality. Help them to discover your products in real life and optimize returns. Our official creator would help to design a custom 3D model of your wristwatch or integrate and optimize the existing models using Lens Studio software.

  • Designing a new custom 3D model of wristwatch (one item included only!)
  • Integration models and creating AR using the Lens Studio software
  • Optimization of 3D models and improving performance
  • Get -40% off if you have existing wristwatch 3D models
  • Get an additional high-quality 3D model of a wristwatch for $950 each

How to Use it

Simply click the 'ORDER SIMILAR PROJECT' button, fill the brief and pay securely on our website. Creator will ship you this project shortly. Please note: if you requested lots of changes and customization, the development cost could be higher.

Click the 'Unlock this AR effect' button to test and see how this Snapchat AR lens works. You need to have the Snapchat app installed.

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