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Bring the peace of India directly to your home with this Rangoli AR app.

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If you want to decorate your room, then the Rangoli Augmented Reality app is definitely for you. This application gives an interactive experience of virtual Rangoli decorations. 

The Rangoli ornament is a prayer pattern applied to a house's walls, especially the front door or in the areas in front of the house. This ornament is originally from India. Each Indian people has its own type of Rangoli pattern.

Rangoli Augmented Reality application created by porcupinestudio allows you to view drawings in three-dimensional form in real-time through your smartphone camera.

Inside the app you will be able to see a large database of Rangoli ornaments, Rangoli frames, Rangoli stickers and much more. As we said above, Rangoli, this art originated in India, and now, by using this app, you can bring the peace of India directly to your home.

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