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Quiver is the original augmented reality coloring app! Bring coloring pages to life in beautifully animated and interactive 3D.

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Quiver combines old-school coloring with cutting-edge augmented reality technology to create astonishing entertainment and educational experiences. We provide a wide range of coloring pages which when scanned with the Quiver app, burst into life as interactive animated scenes - right there on the  coloring page, the characters and environments just as you colored them!

We launched this amazing coloring experience in 2013, as colAR Mix. Now known as Quiver, the app is a hit with kids, parents, and teachers the world over. Kids love to color. Kids love tablets. Kids love Quiver.

We have added a large collection of educational content, such as colorable cells, animals, globes, flags, and geometric shapes. Hundreds of teachers are bringing an element of awesome into their classrooms with the Quiver app.

Want a custom AR coloring page experience? Get in touch! We can develop a new coloring page for your product, brand, or event. We have worked with dozens of top brands around the world to add an innovative and surprising twist to their marketing.

How to Use it

Using Quiver is simple, and is summed up in the slogan: Print, Color, Play!

Print out a coloring page (either from our website, or directly through the app). Color in the page however you like, using whatever tools you like. Run the Quiver app and scan your page. The scene will pop up in AR, and now you can play!

Each scene offers a different interactive experience. Some are animated characters that respond to touch. Some include mini-games where you control your custom-colored character through fun challenges. Others demonstrate educational concepts and provide quick quizzes to test your knowledge.

Most of the coloring pages available in Quiver are completely free to use. Some of the more exciting premium pages require an in-app purchase to be unlocked.

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