Pumpkin Candy Corn

Pumpkin Candy Corn Live

Custom Full Body Attachment Lens


This lens was created using the new Full Body Trigger Template in Lens Studio v3.1

I used a 3D model of a piece of Candy Corn for the two Triggers up top that play a sound when your hand enters the trigger zone.

Also used a 3D obj emitter script to emit the Candy Corn all over the place in Z Space.

The animated pumpkin head and ghosts were attached to tracking points.

A script was added to play Creepy Laugh audio on mouth open.

Screenshots & Video

How to Use it

Scan the snapcode or click the link in Snapchat.

Open mouth for creepy halloween laugh. Grab the Candy Corn to trigger particle explosions and audio.

Follow onscreen poses to trigger animations, T-pose and Heel click.

Target Images

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