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Popar’s Interactive Periodic Table of Elements!

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Light your Bunsen burner and prepare to discover Popar’s Interactive Periodic Table of Elements! You are about to embark on an interactive Augmented Reality learning experience that explores the science, origins, facts, stats, and various uses of all the elements! Dive even deeper with the compounds mode where users can mix and match the elements and learn 100’s of different formulas. Interactive 3D models showcase all the different elements including the metals, gases, liquids, and more! The Interactive Periodic Table of Elements app feature’s easy to use navigation that is sure to be hours of fun for all chemistry lovers everywhere!


-Have fun learning about the elements in an exciting new interactive experience!

-Facts, stats, origins, and uses for every element found on the Periodic Table!

-Mix elements to make 100’s of different compounds!

-Features 3D models for all the elements on the Periodic Table!

-Interactive compositional breakdowns of different molecules!

-Simple, easy to use, one-touch controls!

-Features both Augmented Reality and digital formats for viewing content!

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