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Find your favorite Pokémon in Augmented Reality

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It's the game that has opened up Augmented Reality opportunities in the entertainment industry. And not only that! It is a real social network that connects friends and helps strengthen relationships by going through friendship levels and collecting bonuses together. You can unlock level, search for your favorite characters while talking with friends through integrated chat.

It is a global game that connects people from different cities and even countries. It already has more than 800 million players and many awards such as "Best Mobile Game" from The Game Developers Choice Awards and "Best App of the Year" from TechCrunch.

You have to find the Pokémon that hides in unexpected places in your city. When you hear your phone ringing - that means a Pokémon is hiding nearby. You can ignore it, but it's your chance to earn more points and unlock next Pokémon!

How to Use it

1. Search everywhere to find Pokémon and some items in your city;
2. Run, catch and win with your new Pokémon;
3. Compete in rounds of Gym battles;
4. Play with friends to pass the most difficult levels with bosses;
5. Start playing as fast as possible so as not to lose the new Pokémon.

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