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Bring an AR gnome with you on your travels!

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Pocket Gnome allows you to bring a magical companion with you on your travels (or anywhere else!) through the power of augmented reality. You can summon a gnome with you at any time instead of having to physically carry one. Simply tap on the screen to place a gnome "within" the real world through your device. Once you're satisfied, snap a photo and add a caption and sticker to finish your custom postcard. You can then save it to your camera roll to be able to share with others!

How to Use it

Open the app and find a horizontal surface. After a few moments, tap on the screen to place an AR gnome where you tapped. Tap on another spot to magically transport the gnome to the new spot. When you're satisfied with the placement, snap a photo and add stickers and text to your photo. Save to your camera roll and share with others!

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