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In fact, AR's limited practices have been in our lives for decades, but technologies that will fully unlock its potential have just entered into new use. At the core of the matter, AR creates images and animations that combine high-volume data and analytics with real life. Nowadays, many AR apps work on mobile devices, but there is a serious shift towards hand-in-hand devices such as head-mounted devices or smart glasses. Although people are familiar with simple AR entertainment apps such as Snapchat filters and Pokemon GO games, AR also reveals many different apps for the consumer and the B2B world. For example, AR-based "head-up displays" that give motorists navigation, collision alerts and some other information in the form of reflection on the windshield can be used in dozens of cars. Wearable AR devices that reflect product-assembly or service instructions in real environment find thousands of factories and facilities to use. AR is rapidly replacing traditional directives and training methods.
From an even broader perspective, AR is creating a new information transmission paradigm and we think this paradigm will have serious implications for structuring, managing and distributing this paradigm data over the internet. Although the web has a significant transformation in the collection, transmission and access of information, the data model (based on pages and flat screens) of the web imposes serious restrictions on data storage and distribution. People have to mentally translate 2D information into a three-dimensional world. A person who tries to fix a copier by looking at the user manual knows that it's not really easy to translate two-dimensional information into the real world. Providing the ability to project digital information directly to real objects or environments, AR allows people to process physical and digital data at the same time, eliminating the obligation to connect these two worlds with mental effort. This increases our ability to quickly and accurately adopt knowledge, make decisions and perform the tasks expected of us quickly and effectively.

Although the real world is three-dimensional, the data world is stuck in two-dimensional screens and paper. This difference between the real world and the digital world limits our ability to use high volumes of data.

Augmented reality promises to solve this problem by projecting images and data on real objects. Ar, which adds information correctly to the binding to be used, also increases our ability to assimilate and use knowledge.

I am committed to this area, developing applications specific to this area and sharing them with you.

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