Paint it green!

Paint it green! Live

A back camera filter where you can paint with grass, flowers and trees as if they were brushes.

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This is an AR experience that lets us see how the places we live in could be if instead of cars and streets we had gardens with grass and flowers! 
A medium like this is perfect to make us transform what we know and see every day into something different, more natural and beautiful.
Using your back camera, point at the ground and move your finger on the screen to create grass, flowers and trees.

How to Use it

With your back camera active, move your finger on the screen: following your gestures grass and flowers will appear on the nearest surface. After a few intervals, trees and butterflies will appear as well on the path you're drawing. If you stop touching the screen and start the gesture again the old trees will disappear and new ones will be created. After 15 seconds grass and trees will gradually disappear. 
You can walk through your creation while drawing it if the tracked surface has a good enough contrast and variation in colours. Bird chirping sounds will be heard while drawing.

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