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Overcome arachnophobia with Mixed Reality Quest 2. Gradually expose the user to spider stimuli in a user-controlled MR environment

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Statement of Purpose

Overcome arachnophobia

„noPhob Mixed Reality“ for the Meta Quest 2 shall help users overcoming arachnophobia by gradually exposing them to spider stimuli, in a safe and user-controlled AR and VR environment.


  • Upon scene start, the user enters a VR therapy room where an interactive menu is placed.
  • Other levels and scenes continue in VR or in AR.
  • The user should be able to stop the exposure immediately at any time.
  • The user may track the progress, for example by measuring the time for how long one was watching at a spider.
  • A clear and easy to use UI in order to communicate further steps and information before seeing any spider.

Levels of exposure to spider stimuli

Level 0: Start scene in a VR therapy room with interactive menu to choose a level from

Level 1: Look at images and anatomic illustrations of spider species in VR

From level 2: AR passthrough mode.

User maps out the real room environment, places and aligns virtual occlusion models to the real furniture. User can "draw" custom cubes as occlusion models to occlude virtual spiders. 

Level 2: Watch at a realistic looking spider that is placed far away in a terrarium, and get as close as possible. User has to look at spiders for a certain amount of time.

Level 3: Observe virtual spiders crawling on the real furniture, the mapped walls, the floor and the ceiling.

Level 4: Let a virtual spider move over the hand, and challenge the user to stay as still as possible.

App Core Features

  • Mixed Reality, Passthrough
  • Procedural Inverse Kinematics
  • Room Mapping & Occlusion
  • Voice Narration 
  • Oculus VR Integration
  • Hand Tracking, Physics Hands
  • Hand Pose Detection
  • VFX, SFX
  • Finite State Machine

Developed and designed by Ambica Keshvara, astha Kapila, Berenice Terwey

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