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Marker-based Augmented Reality Effect for Nike X Soña Lee Art Collaboration

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In collaboration with Nike, MoonD and Tribe Production developed series of exceptional Augmented Reality lenses for the Instagram app. The team has used art by Soña Lee as target images. As a result, customers have to scan printed art directly on t-shirts to unlock and discover Augmented Reality content. Moreover, users are able to scan specific murals painted across city streets to view AR experiences. 

Spherical and layered content helps users to discover a volumetric and immersive Augmented Reality experience. In love with details, MoonD and Tribe Production added small touches of motion graphics to specific parts of AR in love with details.

How to Use it

You have to scan art by Soña Lee with an Instagram app to unlock and discover AR content.

Target Images

Info Scan these images to discover AR content

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