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We started Mysterious Wings with the intention of creating an AR world effect that’s optimized for an exciting new product — Instagram Reels. The idea is to let the user choose their favourite wings sets and act, playing with it.


Mysterious Wings is an augmented reality effect that runs on Instagram cameras. Players will choose wings sets by changing their facial expression, pick the background from their gallery and finish them with an act and poses! The main goal of the effect is focusing on the users’ experiences, helping the users have a fun acting, posing experience, also creating viral insta/facebook stories.

We provide 3 types of wings with corresponding environment for each type. Users can:

Take video of each wing
Mode automatically switches wings type when face detection (this effect is great for performing character transitions)
Touch screen mode to take pictures: the image will be retained, and the user can record video on the background of that image (which helps to make surreal videos)
Add background photo mode from gallery

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