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Morpholio Trace - Sketch CAD Live

Design & Architecture Drawing

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Trace is THE architecture and design app for EVERYONE. It’s a truly unique drawing tool that allows you to easily develop ideas in layers, communicate via drawing markup, and work fluidly through ALL phases of the design process. Ideal for architects, designers, interior designers, illustrators, or members of any creative culture, it helps you create intelligent sketches and drawings to meet all your design needs. Draw on top of PDFs, maps, photos, images, drawing sets, background templates, and more with extraordinary resolution using exceptional designer tools, brushes and pens. Bring new life to your design process and transform your workflow with the ease, flexibility and the magic of digital hand sketching.

Trace has been featured by Wired, Dwell, Fast Company, ArchDaily, Cool Hunting, Dezeen, MacLife, Core77, designboom, Inhabitat, dexigner, Architectural Record, Archinect, Gizmodo and many more.


β€’ Develop ideas, options & concepts
β€’ Sketch buildings & objects
β€’ Layout home, office & landscape renovations

β€’ Drawing sets & PDFs
β€’ Construction site photos
β€’ Presentations, renderings or images

β€’ Floor plans, sections & elevations to scale
β€’ Site plans & landscaping
β€’ Illustrations & presentation images

β€’ Make & export drawing sets
β€’ Scale & measure drawings or images
β€’ Organize by project

β€’ AR PERSPECTIVE FINDER: Set grids in REAL space
β€’ SCALE: Draw and measure in metric or imperial
β€’ MAPS: Instantly draw over any site to scale
β€’ STENCILS: Custom entourage and more
β€’ PERSPECTIVE GUIDE: Auto draw to vanishing points
β€’ TOOLS: Ruler, triangle, protractor and more
β€’ MULTIPLE PAGE PDFS: Markup, order and share
β€’ MOVE PAPER: Moves like real trace paper
β€’ LAYERS: Copy, mirror, lock and more
β€’ EXPORT: Send sets, images and PDFs
β€’ FOLDERS: Organize and save your work
β€’ PENS AND BRUSHES: A variety of life-like options
β€’ SCALE PEN: Smart line weights for precision drawing
β€’ IMPORT: Access photo library, Camera, PDF, or Cloud drives
β€’ EDIT: Manage layers & iterate drawings
β€’ OPACITY: Adjust to highlight or hide information
β€’ COLOR: Custom pen palettes for multiple uses
β€’ TEMPLATES: Custom backgrounds for multiple uses

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