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Moatboat is a social world builder for AR with a twist: you get to change the rules at any time! Just type something or speak, and it does what you say.

Give characters things to do with over 1,000 objects and behaviors across 15 unique environments. Build the world of your dreams, and then use AR to see it in the real world!

Build together inside a shared AR experience. You can team up with someone else in the room and try challenging each other to do crazy things. It's a fun way to connect and feel silly and creative together.

You also get 15 pre-built worlds to explore so you can just jump in and start having fun, including:

- People building a colony on Mars
- A birthday party with a bouncy castle
- A campsite in the woods
- A park with dogs performing tricks
- A pirate village
- A horse jumping show
- A palace garden with magic carpets
- An enchanting castle with unicorns
- ...and more

How to Use it

Use simple sentences to add objects and give them behaviors. Say 'I need some sheep'  to add sheep into your world. Then give the sheep something to do by saying 'Sheep eat grass' or 'Sheep jump over fences'. Everything you add becomes part of a working system. By layering multiple objects and behaviors, you can keep increasing the complexity of your creation.

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