An augmented touring experience for London

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Exploring a historic city is about to get much easier with augmented reality ?

In this experiment, I’ve overlaid information on some of London’s biggest landmarks using Snap Inc.’s city-wide visual positioning system

Anyone can point their phone at a random street and instantly get information on their surroundings

The idea for this concept came after visiting Athens using a tour guiding app and having trouble finding different landmarks and identifying smaller details ? Figured AR could fix this by being an addition to these touring apps

Making this an ‘AR only’ experience wouldn’t make much sense, as no one wants to walk around pointing their phone at stuff ? But having a seamless transition between written text and an AR view did!

On another note, this city-wide VPS is absolutely insane.

All the information and 3D models placed in the world can be occluded using the city mesh: a high-quality 1:1 copy of London

Environment-aware AR experiences have a huge potential

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