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We tell the story of the origin of the famous catch phrase: "There is money β€” Ufa is walking. No money - Chishma sit" in AR!

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The company Bashspirt turned to us with the task of a colorful modern and spectacular launch of a new brand of vodka - "Chishmy sidim". To solve this problem, we decided to make the vodka label interactive. When you point the smartphone camera at it, the character drawn by the famous Bashkir cartoonist Kamil Buzykaev comes to life in augmented reality. To the accompaniment of cheerful Bashkir music, the revived character tells the story of the famous winged expression " There is money β€” Ufa is walking. There is no money β€” Chishma sit".

In the Soviet years, a restaurant of the same name worked at the railway station of the Ufa station. And nearby Safronovskiy the pier β€” boozer Chishme, which means "spring". The people who plied between these two transport hubs spent money in "Ufa", and when there were not enough funds for the capital's restaurants, they "walked" in "Chishme". Hence the famous saying: "There is money - Ufa is walking. There is no money β€” Chishma sit".

How to Use it

For AR experience:
1. Download the app to your smartphone
2. Launch the app
3. Point your smartphone camera at the bottle or its label
4. Discover AR

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