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KARtka z synagoga is a simple augmented reality (AR) application that works in conjunction with a postcard (tracker).

On its inner side there is a plan of the Synagogue in Wygon, the largest synagogue in Wrocław, destroyed in 1938. Anyone with a smartphone can see the 3D model of the synagogue using the application. All you need to do is follow the instructions displayed in the application and point the phone camera at the projection printed on the postcard (the postcard can also be downloaded from the application's website and printed yourself: https://arvr.hs-mainz.de/img/pocztowka.pdf).

The synagogue in Wygon was located at today's ul. Podwale 34. It was built in the years 1865–1872 for a reformed branch of the Jewish community according to the design of Edwin Oppler (1831–1880).

It was a modern and representative temple, extremely recognizable in the city skyline thanks to its characteristic dome surrounded by four towers.

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