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Augmented Reality for your Plant Floor, Industrial space, or any data rich environment.

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Each piece of equipment and process area at your facility has lots of data and resources associated with it that your staff needs to do their jobs. The problem is, these resources are scattered across in many different applications, and aren’t easily available where you need them most: standing right in front of the equipment. iQagent changes that.

iQagent allows you to create Points Of Interest, or POIs, to link a physical piece of equipment, asset or process space to its relevant data and resource from your existing plant systems, such as SCADA, HMI, Database, Microsoft SharePoint or other Electronic Document systems, CMMS, MES, ERP and others. iQagent POIs can include real time data from your PLC, SCADA or production databases, schematics, documents, videos, forms and other resources. Create POIs for all of your automation equipment, production lines, and process spaces. When workers are repairing, monitoring or maintaining equipment, they interact with the POI to get the information they need to do their job. All of the information you need is right where you want it, and You are "Hands Free" to do whatever work needs to be done

How to Use it

The app can be used in either a demo mode (Internal Mode) or in conjunction with a β€œLive” mode system using the iQagent Server and Configuration tool installed in your plant.

Internal Mode allows you to learn how the app functions and to experience how you can view the data and documentation of a typical plant floor using Mixed Reality.

In Live Mode, You will create and configure your very own Points of Interest that include live process data (via OPCDA, OPCUA and ODBC) and schematics, forms, videos, and other electronic resources. Once created, these points of interest can be placed anywhere in virtual space, adjusted, resized and ready for use.


1. Works with existing iQagent installations.
2. Create and Add Holographic POI objects to any equipment or process area for instant access to relevant PLC or SCADA data, schematics, documents, forms or videos.
3. Scan existing iQagent POI (QR) Codes to access related POI object
4. Add holographic single data point values near sensors or data sources
5. Add holographic links to documents forms or videos.
6. POIs and objects remain where you left them between iQagent sessions.

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