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Social action challenge in support of the Ukrainian army. Using a Spark AR mask.

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Social action challenge in support of the Ukrainian army. Using a Spark AR mask.
(Check the video, English subtitles available)
Ukraine has been at war with Russia for several years. This is a peaceful country, so no one was ready to fight in the early years of the conflict (2014). This raised a whole wave of volunteer movement that helped support the army and save the country. Currently, volunteer assistance is still relevant in some military areas.

Masks are used in different ways, but the idea came to use them for charity. Augmented Reality, Social Networks are a great way to communicate with a young audience. This allowed us to draw their attention to socially important topics and present them in a positive way. We created a social Challenge that encouraged people to donate any amount to Ukrainian Army & volunteers. Users were asked to take a photo with an AR face mask - helmet, national flag colors and the phrase "Thank you for independence". In the fb/insta post, we asked to tag a friend and give him a Challenge.

Every photo of a person with effect has got on the map of Ukraine with the same faces of other people. Everyone could go to a special site and find themselves on a map or save a large-format photo. The site and description of the Challenge also offered to donate money. So people showed their support for the army and unity.

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