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Inclood uses some of that AR magic to bring deaf and non-deaf children together around an augmented paper book, making reading a playful and accessible experience for everyone.

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Inclood is a cross-platform AR mobile application that brings deaf and non deaf people around paper book for a playful and accessible reading experience.

The user is offered with a selection of paid and free reality-augmented books, each corresponding to its physical paper counterpart. The user simply scans through the book and see cute and funny animations on top of the real drawings. When touched, those open a video with an actor reading the corresponding text in sign-language.

This application find its purpose in both bringing deaf and non-deaf people together as well as in an educational purpose as literacy among deaf population is still an issue today.

How to Use it

Inclood's own paper books and partners' books are needed to use this application.
At the moment, all the publications are in French, but the company has plans to release their books in the English-speaking market.

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