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Augmented Reality (AR) is changing the way we view the world. AR is a new technology that combines computer-generated 3D images with a real-world environment in real-time. You can now take advantage of this technology to improve your business card capabilities. Some of the advantages of an augmented card are: 

-Extend the information displayed on your business card
-Keep your information up to date
-Impress your clients with a unique augmented reality presentation
-Provide direct links to your social/business/personal websites

How to Use it

Register. Create your personal account at . 

Upload your business/personal/social information into your account and it will be displayed in realtime to anyone looking at your augmented business card. You can update your information at anytime.

The QRcode (provided after creating your 3D-ID) and the Target-Image can be printed in the back of your business card, letterhead, folder, or any document you want.

Enjoy your business card with augmented reality. Impress your clients and friends. Your information will always be up to date.

Target Images

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