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Highly detailed art mask for HyperX special project #Wereallgamers

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HyperX company produces professional gamer accessories for comfortable gaming and streaming experience. The marketing campaign "We are all gamers" was focused on changing the typical gamer portrait and erasing the line between professional and noob. It’s no matter how much or less you play - you need advanced and well-made gear. For that, they partnered with popular streamers, bloggers, and media figures. 

We made 4 masks for company ambassadors - streamer Unlost, Cex9, professional player Dendi, and rap artist Kyivstoner. HyperX ambassadors tell their stories and share what HyperX products they use while gaming. Users could buy these sets on the ambassador page of the online shop.  

These effects help users feel equal to their favorite bloggers. Users see themself as ambassador - their face is placed into the campaign art piece. The user's face renders with a high-contrast filter for uniting visuals and creating a smooth picture. Each effect has highly detailed animation. 

There was one more hard task to fully implement our vision. The Instagram policy forbids any weapon demonstration so we had to disguise it without losing recognizable references to videogame heroes like Gordon Freeman from the Half-Life series.

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