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HeadSquare for HoloLens

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This app can support you to showcase:

- Gamification to show to the user how to collaborate in Mixed Reality ( AV/ VR )
- Play the game in multiplatform interaction: HoloLens, ARKit, HTC, Oculus GearVR, Oculus Rift, WMR
- Share the same place to play together
- Play at distance location
- How to use the same app in "World" and "Room" perspective

Multiplayer Ball Game. Single player mode supported.

Use your head as the controller and play alone or with up to six players online.
Very immersive multiplayer fun.

Play solo or meet other people for a game.
You can create a private room, as well. Just share the ID of the room with your friends. You can play on VR or on the desktop.

The game begins with 2D ball movement. After 60 seconds, the arena walls rise and the ball will move in all directions, including up and down.

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