Haunted by the Future

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Haunted by the Future is a fictional theater performance that happens in your own home.

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You're in your living room. You hold your phone in front of you. Through the camera, everything looks normal. Suddenly, the screen begins to flicker. You sense a figure. A ghost. And then a girl's voice starts whispering to you…

Haunted by the Future is the result of an experiment between Khora Virtual Reality and the Black / White theatre. Throughout the recent lockdowns they worked together on the development of a digital theatre. Via a smartphone app, the audience gets a completely unique theatre experience in their own home. Via the app, fiction collides with the audience’s reality. The characters in the story move virtually around the audience's own living room and speak directly to them. Haunted by the Future experiments with an entirely new theatrical format, the first step towards further experiences of this kind.

How to Use it

Download it on Iphone X (or later) in the app store. Use headphones and open the app. It will ask for your camera and photo permissions. Please give the app full access to both.

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