Share your impressions and explanation on a variety of video content!

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A video-making lens that allows you to share your impressions and reactions to a variety of video content.

How to use this lens

β€’ Explaining the gameplay of video gamers

β€’ Unboxing the latest technology products and leaving a review

β€’ For women, make-up & beauty advice and guidance

β€’ Share your thoughts on the video clip and cover song

β€’ Make a step-by-step or educational video to show the audience how to complete a specific task, etc.

Try this lens to make interesting explanations and reaction videos.

How to Use it

1. Tap on the screen to make your camera smaller your media files from your Photos app will display as a background.
2. Then you can drag the front camera image with your finger to place it where you want it.

Target Images

Info Scan these images to discover AR content

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