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In collaboration with Knorr Arabia, Teejay Jamlang developed a custom-built Instagram game

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Knorr Arabia came to Spark AR creator Teejay Jamlang with a case to create an Instagram game for their consumers. The idea is to collect different cheese and mushrooms using a fork. By moving the head up and down, consumers and account followers can control the game. 

This lens helped to increase consumer engagement, involve people to play with the Instagram game effect. The effect has been published on Knorr Arabia Instagram account; as a result, people were able to discover their official page, like and share different content.

Teejay Jamlang creator can develop similar or custom AR effects for your brand:

  • Developing a new or similar AR game concept for your brand
  • Designing new and custom 2D/3D models and content
  • Customization of motion graphics
  • Changing audio (sounds, music)

How to Use it

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Please note: if you requested lots of changes and customization, the development cost could be higher.

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