Ecommerce AR for Major Fashion Brand

Ecommerce AR for Major Fashion Brand Ended

Major US Fashion Wear brand Boot Barn approached Aircards to create and develop a unique app-less Augmented Reality Direct Mail campaign to increase engagement with their standard printed marketing material.

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The Aircards team were tasked to increase engagement and sales from existing customers by incorporating an Image Tracked Augmented Reality experience within their existing Direct Mail postcard campaign. 

Our team created this experience using WebAR to maximise the potential reach of the campaign. No app download was required to view the experience, allowing for maximum potential engagement rates. Utilising Boot Barn's high production value content with a cinematic video tracked to the perspective of card. Custom Call-to-Action buttons were used within the experience to direct consumers to the e-commerce website to purchase, this included an exclusive discount for any consumer that came directly from the AR experience, increasing urgency to purchase.

Boot Barn saw increased sales of โ€˜Wonderwestโ€™ product line, an outstanding click-through rate of 39.25% from within the experience to the website and an average dwell time of 50 seconds. What does this mean? Consumers were clearly engaged and subsequently inclined to click-through to purchase.

The outcome was that Boot Barn was able to deliver a targeted and bespoke promotion to a pre-existing customer list, increasing the consumer engagement of what would of been a standard print campaign. The Augmented Reality element added a layer of interactivity and digital analytics that is beyond that of standard print marketing.

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