DoodleLens Live

Bring your doodles to life with the power of augmented reality!


Bring your dreams to life through the power of augmented reality! DoodleLens turns your flat sketchpad scribbles into interactive, animated AR characters, scenes, and stories!

β€’ Advanced doodle copier
β€’ Frame-by-frame animator
β€’ Doodle editing & effects
β€’ AR scene creator
β€’ Video recorder
β€’ Share your videos anywhere: Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, or Tumblr

Can I copy images from a tablet or screen? Yes
Can I copy color images? Yes
Can I populate my neighborhood with packs of hand-drawn jurassic era dinosaurs? Yes, but be careful..

Remember to tag #DoodleLens when you share so we can see it and re-share it

Follow @DoodleApp on Instagram for daily doodles, contests, and tutorials

Screenshots & Video

How to Use it

β€’ Draw something
β€’ Copy it with the camera
β€’ Paste it back to reality
β€’ Record and share

Target Images

Info Scan these images to discover AR content

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