Dancing Diamonds

Dancing Diamonds Live

AR effect for @farfetch ร— @chopard ๐Ÿ’Ž inspired by the luxury watch series.


When we talk about big brands, the quality and attention to detail must be very high at every stage.

A physics engine developed specifically for this project is capable to handle collisions of dozens and hundreds of objects without sacrificing performance even on old phones. A custom glass simulation shader with reflections, refractions, dispersion, is also built on a different principle. Instead of rendering each object separately, it processes the entire scene at once, whichโ€™s way faster.

Weโ€™re going towards collaborations of big brands with artists faster and faster โ€” this is always an opportunity to bring something new to marketing and image.

AR artist: Denis Rossiev
Creative director: Masha Batsii

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