Cybernetic Goggles

Cybernetic Goggles Concept

Sci-Fi inspired 3D asset.

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When making a lens I like to do so with the utmost planning in order to keep my workspace organized. As soon as I am hit with an idea I immediately write it down, whether that be in my notepad or on a restaurant napkin. Once at my desktop, I begin brainstorming and conceptualizing ideas for assets that could play into the lens theme I've come up with; or in this case, what themes could fit with the asset I designed.

This orthographic concept is of a pair of cybernetic goggles with the design partially inspired by those worn by the character Captain Cold in DC Comics. However, they also draw inspiration from the variety of sci-fi shows I've seen over the years.

This orthographic blueprint is the first step I usually take in creating 3D assets for my lenses. I then use this blueprint to construct a model within Cinema 4D.

Once the model is made I play around with the asset and see what could be done with it. In the following images, you can see I toyed around with various concepts and themes the lens could have. The leftmost taking from ideas of cryogenics and centered around the theme of ice, the middle playing into a theme of cyborgs and androids, and the rightmost designed to be steampunk oriented.

As you can see there is truly no limit to the potential one asset could have.

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