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Experience a world where the digital and the physical interact, showing off how spatial computing has the power to delight and amaze. Come Create!

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Colorful characters, art and physics combine to bring a dynamic new landscape to life in your room.

Take a World Brush to your wall and paint a forest full of life. Build a castle made of cake for a knight who’s on the run. Arrange a room full of dominoes and watch a testy T-Rex knock them all down. And when you’ve had your fun, toss it all in a vortex and start a brand new adventure.

Create offers explorers the tools to bring any canvas to life and the dexterity, precision and sensation you expect when fastening a thruster to a hamburger rocket ship. A studio, workshop and sandbox all in one, Create is made for the curious.

How to Use it

This app requires a Magic Leap device to use.

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