COVID-19 Coronavirus Educational AR

COVID-19 Coronavirus Educational AR Live

The COVID-19 Coronavirus effect is an educational Instagram AR experience that teachers viewers about the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus.

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It's often said that "You should meet people where they are." That guiding principal was a huge influence in creating an educational COVID-19 Coronavirus AR experience on Instagram, with the intention of providing baseline knowledge to a demographic that doesn't watch the news or read a daily paper, but instead stays informed through a social media feed.

The COVID-19 Coronavirus effect is a 5-minute, 6-chapter, world-based educational augmented reality experience (takes place on the back camera rather than the selfie camera), that informs viewers about the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus that’s currently spreading around the world. Beyond just visualizing the virus in augmented reality, the AR effect also teaches viewers about the virus' origins, how it spreads, it's structure, replication, potential economic impact, prevention measures, and more, all communicated through the individual chapters within the experience.

It's also the first long-form narrative AR experience on Instagram, requiring immense optimization cycles to achieve, given the platforms 4MB total file size limitation.

How to Use it

Open the effect link in the Instagram application on your mobile device: 
Use the on-screen buttons to scroll through the chapters of the experience, each teaching a different topic around the virus.

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