Color Reason

Color Reason Live

Color Reason Augmented Reality effects developed by Aw Boon Jun.


Instagram and Facebook AR effects and experiences change the way in which  we interact with real-world surrounding and physical objects. By using Spark AR Studio creators, developers and 3D designers are able to build the best-in-class Augmented Reality experiences. AR Target Tracking allows developers to anchor AR effects to images, logos and surfaces in the real-world. The face tracking feature provides the ability to create facial AR filters, effects and lenses. By using the object tracking feature creators are able to overlay hands and body movements with digitalized Augmented Reality content. The object tracking feature allows the  recognition of  objects and an understanding of the location. Changing the backgrounds during AR experiences is possible through the background segmentation feature.

If you are a creator of AR effects and experiences for Instagram and Facebook, Catchar is definitely for you! By using Catchar, creators, designers and developers are able to share their effects to get more views, downloads and potential users. In addition, here creators and developers can support each other and work together to build the best-in-class Augmented Reality experiences.

Screenshots & Video

How to Use it

Click on 'CHECK IT OUT ON THE WEB' button. Then scan the QR code from your screen, or open the link from your phone, to activate the AR filter or lens. You need to have the Instagram app to use this AR lens.

Target Images

Scan these images to discover AR content

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