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Customize and change the background of your video and photo in a few clicks with this Snaplens

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Don't like your image or video background? Using this free Snaplens by Nicholas Dominici, you can customize and change the background in a few clicks. It works similar to the chromakey effect with green or blue screens but directly on your smartphone. No additional expensive hardware or software is needed!

Thanks to AR technology, you can edit your media files in real-time with a smartphone and a camera lens. Are you dreaming about photos of videos with famous attractions behind them? Turn on your imagination to make some cool photos and videos near tour Eiffel, Statue of Liberty, ะกolosseum of Rome, Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu, Christ the Redeemer statue or Giza pyramid complex. Some stunning landscapes of Switzerland, Italy, Spain or any other are also possible to add with this Snapchat filter. Everything depends on your imagination. Don't limit it!

Surprise your friends, families or followers by creating excellent videos or photos. Significantly, this filter would be beneficial during COVID-19 and lockdown times.

How to Use it

Activate this Snapchat Lens through the link or Snapcode, unlock it for 48 hours, and you will see suggestions from your gallery. You can then switch the photos from the camera roll to see how the background changes in real-time. Select an image that you prefer, create a video or photo, and then can share it with your Snapchat friends to simply save it to your device gallery.

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